IT'S doubtful whether even Marconi, listening on Signal Hill, St. John’s, Newfoundland in 1901 could have imagined the significance of an extremely short signal he had just received, nor what it would lead to.


From little acorns.... that first transatlantic radio signal introduced everything from broadcasting to satellite communications, mobile phones, broadband, the internet and the world wide web - and Poldhu was at the forefront of it all.



The Marconi Centre       Poldhu, Cornwall


Marconi's pioneering work cannot be overstated and his genius and legacy is physically commemorated by the Marconi Centre, just a few yards away from the site of that original transmission, still overlooking Poldhu Cove.

The Marconi Centre was built to commemorate the Centenary of that momentous event and was opened on the 12th December 2001. At four pm local time, exactly one hundred years later, Lady Mary Holborow, the Lord Lieutenant of Cornwall, sent the three dots of the letter ‘s’ and this signal was received at St. John’s. This time, however, the signal was sent by amateur radio rather than by a spark transmitter!

Visitors can watch a short video presentation showing the significance of Poldhu and Marconi’s work and can then gain further information from well-designed wall panels. There are short wave radios to listen to and it is well worthwhile to take an interpretation sheet for a self-guided tour of the adjoining field, where the ruins of the old transmitter building can be seen.



The building is owned and maintained by the National Trust and run by the Poldhu Amateur Radio Club. Admission is free, but the Radio Club do have expenses involved in opening it. A donation is much appreciated! 


There is also an extensive range of souvenirs available. The Centre is manned by volunteer members of the Radio Club, who are only too happy to share their enthusiasm.

Getting to Poldhu

Opening Hours The Marconi Centre is closed until Thursday 24th August 2017

We apologise to visitors that the Centre is closed during filming taking place at this time.  Please contact Email to arrange details before your visit





The Marconi Centre
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